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What a fantastic idea. I’ve read so many recycling ideas and then pause to think but how could I actually implement them? This is such a practical response and benefits not only the environment but, more importantly in my eyes, people in need.

Beyond the Highrise

Coffe Compost Recycle them right and your coffee capsules could be helping farmers as well as under-priveleged Hong Kongers 

Nespresso is pressing customers to recycle their coffee capsules as part of a sustainability campaign in partnership with local charity Food Angel.

The aluminium in the capsules is “infinitely recyclable” according to the company. If recycled, waste capsules can be taken to a local plant, shredded and sent to a scrap-metal collector for re-melting. Meanwhile, the residual coffee grounds are separated from the capsules and taken to a local farm in the New Territories and used as compost on crops.

The coffee specialist has also pledged to make a monthly donation of vegetables from the farm to Food Angel, which runs a food rescue initiative, creating hot meals from perfectly safe and usable waste food and distributing it to underprivileged local communities.

To take part, simply return bags of over 30 waste capsules…

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