Hong Kong holiday

Each summer since 2004 my kids and I have left hubby at work in Hong Kong and boarded a flight to the UK. Many expats leave Hong Kong in the summer for a variety of reasons, mostly to see family and friends in their home country and to escape the  heat, rain, typhoons and humidity that make up a Hong Kong summer.

So it was an odd feeling doing the reverse two weeks ago. Just as the UK started to experience really nice weather, well for the UK that is, my son and I waved farewell to my daughter and hubby and boarded the Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. Of course, we landed on the tail end of a typhoon and had three rainy days but that didn’t stop us doing what we came for, meeting up with friends who had stayed for the summer.

Here’s my reflection on our trip before we go home tomorrow.


Thoughts on returning to Hong Kong in no particular order…..

  • Just brilliant to spend time with long term friends
  • Happy that Facebook has has helped us in touch and plan our time together
  • An unexpected meeting with a cousin and his partner, neither of whom live in Hong Kong!
  • Especially grateful to one friend and family who lent us their apartment whilst they were away
  • Thankful to their helper who looked after us so well
  • The wonderful transport system, MTR, trams, mini buses, ferries and taxis that make it so easy to get around  for very little money
  • A day out on a junk enjoying special time with another returning family who we’d not seen for three years
  • CollageIt
  • Air-con!
  • Asian food which definitely tastes different here than back in the UK
  • Access to the pool and the weather to enjoy it
  • Appreciating that part of me will always reside in Hong Kong and that’s ok

Thoughts about returning to the UK

  • Being reunited with our daughter
  • Grateful that my Dad can come and collect us from LHR
  • Catching up with my extended family
  • Having a home to come back to that is ours now our tenants have left
  • Excited to be thinking about plans for our home, making it a centre for our family
  • Giving the gifts I have bought to my family
  • Starting to get excited with our daughter about starting university in September
  • Connecting with ex-HK friends now in the UK and sharing memories and experiences
  • Thinking about going back to paid work……?


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