Tiananmen Square 4 June 1989

I got married on 15 July 1989 but even though I was caught up in wedding plans and excitement for my married life to begin, I vividly remember this event and the weeks afterwards. Here’s how the BBC reported it.

Here’s how photographer Stuart Franklin caught the days leading up to and including 4 June crackdown:


This is how my friend’s husband experienced it first hand in Beijing:


Amnesty International UK is holding an event in London right now.


This is how I experienced the march and vigil in Hong Kong in 2013 during an Amber rain storm.

DSC_4021 DSC_4025 DSC_4031 DSC_4034 DSC_4039 DSC_4042 DSC_4044 DSC_4049

What saddens me still is the memories of Chinese parents who came into the school library where I worked and asked for books about the event that they could give to their children because it is still not really talked about amongst many Chinese families in Hong Kong where we have much more freedom of the press than on the mainland. Yet the hope and belief these parents had was that their children should know about not only this part of their history but also much more and that’s got to be a good thing.


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