Half expat?

Hubby’s job took us from the UK to Hong Kong 12 ½ years ago and last summer he left that company to start work for a new one. They wanted him for a larger role to cover Africa (won’t bore you with the details) based in Johannesburg. Dilemma. Our eldest child was already in boarding school in the UK and our youngest had just two years left at school in Hong Kong before hopefully starting university in the UK. Where do we live? Do I stay in HK with number 2 child? Do we all move to Johannesburg? Do we all move to the UK with hubby doing a long commute? So many options and opinions! After much discussion we ended up with hubby living in Jo’burg, me moving to UK and number 2 child happily in the same boarding school as number 1 child also in the UK although the other side of the country from our house. Not ideal being apart but one thing I’ve learned about expats is that we live with all sorts of weird family set ups so it becomes the norm.

The kids and I are our in Jo’burg for the Easter holidays for our second visit to hubby’s home and I have a chance to quickly reflect on our first couple of days.

It’s coming into Autumn here but it’s much warmer than the Spring we left in the UK. The airport looked bright and welcoming.

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Instead of our lovely 1500 sq ft apartment in HK, we have an enormous house with pool and garden. The downside is the electric fence.

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There are the same tropical plants that we found in Hong Kong and even our BBQ made the trip safely from HK to South Africa.

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Two brave birds ventured close to the house. They  dig for food with their long beaks and make the most awful loud screeching noise, usually about 6am…..

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So as they say in Hong Kong, same same but different, ok la?




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