The small things matter

What comes to mind when you think about Hong Kong? Probably the skyline with its skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes, or the harbour and the myriad of boats that sail through and across it; or is it The Peak and its famous tram or the Big Buddha and the cable car that first come to mind? These are undoubtably all wonderful and much loved symbols that show off our city, but take a closer look and you will find hidden gems tucked away, some unique to Hong Kong, others that can be seen around the world varying only to reflect the culture where they are found.

Just before we left Hong Kong to go back to the UK, I set up a Facebook page called Bitesize Hong Kong. I love taking photographs either with my very precious Nikon or just my iPhone. I wanted to capture the small things that had transformed my view of Hong Kong from the tourist board images that we are all familiar with to the small things I passed daily or came across unexpectedly and turned the city into my home.

Of course my project stumbled, why wouldn’t it? An international move in four stages with my family going to two different continents took just a bit more of my time than even super-organised me allowed for! However, I’ve been back in the UK for almost eight months now and I have some mental space to think about resurrecting my page. I’ve decided to set some time aside each week to go through my thousands of photos from the last 12 years and share some of them on my page and by extension with you, dear reader. I hope you enjoy them and come to know MY Hong Kong. 

The link below should take you to the page, please feel free to LIKE it or comment.

Here’s me about to go through immigration leaving Hong Kong for the last time (until the next time of course)…!



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