Being an ex expat


I loved being back with my family in my own home to celebrate Christmas after 12 years away but having lived in someone else’s culture for that amount of time, I was unwilling to let Chinese New Year pass by without acknowledging that too so a trip to Chinatown in London was planned and The Year of the Horse was celebrated. Being back in the UK meant I could invite friends to share this with me and we had a wonderful and colourful day.


It’s so good being back with friends. I’ve now spent time with friends I’ve known since my late teens and cherished being back face to face with them. We’d reconnected via Facebook during my time away and that helped keep our friendship fresh and not reliant on reminiscing about old times. ¬†Yesterday my daughter and I met up with another mum and daughter we’d met when we first went to Hong Kong. A short friendship out there is hopefully going to develop into a more meaningful one back here. As ex expats we both speak the same language and I don’t mean English! We share common experiences that we don’t have to explain to each other, we share what it’s like to live back in our home country which is home but at the same time a strange land. I’m sure all Third Culture Kids (and adults) know what I’m talking about. It’s exciting being with friends old and new and definitely one of life’s joys and I can’t wait for my next time with a friend.

I should credit my daughter for my this blog. She has decided to start her own and she inspired me to sit down and share my humble thoughts so thank you dearest daughter x

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