Week seven : Reconnecting with the countryside

This is our third week in our house and although I’ve been just as busy as the previous two weeks, when the jobs become smaller, it’s frustrating that their impact isn’t such a visible one. It looks as if I’ve not done anything! So, instead of letting my frustration get to me, I took my daughter  off to visit our local beauty spot. We are so lucky to live on the doorstep of Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, also known as Kew in the Country.


Camera in hand, daughter and I snapped away and soaked up the beautiful English countryside. I’m a very amateur but keen photographer, here’s the link to my Flickr set. We both loved the fact that there is a dedicated area to encouraging gardeners to plant their gardens to attract insects and birds with a view to encouraging more pollination. The issue of disappearing bees is real, not just a Dr Who episode! They have a fantastic schools programme, children must love getting out into the countryside and learning about nature in such a practical way and in such a glorious setting.


We also did a quick visit to Cardiff where my son had been spending a week with his grandfather. The sunshine was out again so daughter and I repeated our English experience with a Welsh one and walked to Roath Park.


Here’s the link to my photos from Roath Park. Can you spot the Scott memorial lighthouse? Captain Scott set off for his Antarctic journey from Cardiff and I’ll post photos another day about him when I do a Cardiff history blog.


I find I struggle with photography, deciding what kind of photographer I want to be. I started on a film SLR (too many moons ago to let you in on that secret) and have had a digital camera for over 20 years now. Currently I’m inseparable from my digital SLR, the mighty Nikon D7000. The difficulty isn’t how to use it (although I can always learn more) it’s more the debate between being a recorder of family occasions, a kind of visual diary keeper versus taking a really beautifully composed and visually tempting photograph. I’m so lucky to know lots of professional and amateur photographers who have all generously shared their time and talent with me so I hope to do them justice when I’m behind the lens. Maybe the question isn’t which type of photographer I am, but do I take photos that make me happy?

All I know is that when thought I’d lost my camera for ever, it was like losing a child (well, ok, so that’s a tad extreme). Now I have it back I’m a happy bunny once again.


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