Week four : Egypt

Last week the kids and I took a seven day holiday to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula prior to our move back into our old house in the UK.

It was just lovely to be properly warm again! Although the UK is experiencing a heatwave with temperatures in the high 20s (centigrade), the air is still cool which although refreshing, dries out the skin. In Egypt, the weather was hotter (35-39C) with fresher air (no Hong Kong humidity) so we basked in it.  We had fully charged Kindles and weren’t afraid to use them!


The hotel had eight pools and we found a nice quiet one with a sea view. Let’s face it, if you are going to Egypt, why would you not look at the Red Sea?! We did a bit of swimming but mostly just stared down at the beautiful coral reef and its inhabitants.


The food wasn’t up to much and we missed the variety but we didn’t starve.

We slept and read and caught up with each other in a way we hadn’t done since leaving Hong Kong. I think it was because there was just the three of us. We missed hubby/Dad though 😦

It was a good job we were refreshed as our return flight had a fuel leak which meant a 36 hour delay. Thankfully we were taken back to a hotel and given fully inclusive meals and drinks which just made the holiday last a bit longer than expected. All in all a good week reading some great books (old favourites and new discoveries) but glad to be back in the UK and ready for our move on 29th July.



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